Timmons Group’s Broadband Services

In the past decade, broadband has become essential infrastructure for the 21st century. Online platforms provide affordable and efficient access to education, commerce, health care, and public safety services, and are indispensable to the health, safety, and economic prosperity of our communities. Today, nearly 1 in 5 American households are currently without internet, creating an immediate need for connectivity. Driven by federal funding to close this “Digital Divide,” state and local governments are working to address accessibility issues and ensure equitable broadband access to their citizens.

Timmons Group works with state and local governments, telecom providers, and other stakeholders to understand where gaps in access exist and to develop innovative solutions to filling those gaps. We partner with our clients to facilitate broadband expansions across the US, keeping our communities and the success of long-term investment in mind. From consulting to implementation and asset management, our Timmons Group experts are prepared to help our partners navigate this novel market from start to finish, ensuring that broadband will continue to be a cornerstone for communications throughout the country.

Electric Cooperatives
Timmons Group works with rural electric cooperatives who share our vision for a connected world. This includes developing middle mile infrastructure to allow third party internet providers to leverage their infrastructure, positioning for proposed infrastructure, and connecting local companies with designed above ground plans for the ability to run their own infrastructure across their assets.

Local and State Governments
Local and state governments are invested in grant programs that support their visions for infrastructure planning. Timmons Group is an expert in the data collection and coordination that supports these grant proposals, including citizen engagement surveys.

Private and Investor-Owned Utilities
As the grid expands, utilities are becoming a more intricate network of connectivity. Timmons Group experts are prepared to support private and investor-owned utilities with our firmwide services, including engineering and technology consulting, survey, and power systems design.

Timmons Group’s geospatial technology and design teams are experts in developing and leveraging the services that support broadband needs. Our professionals are versed in comprehensive services, including data collection, portal development, joint-use design, strategic planning, and demographic analysis.

Reach out to our broadband experts to learn more.

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