Our Community

At Timmons Group, we know it’s our due diligence and responsibility to actively better our hometown communities. In order to initiate a change that’s bigger than us, we considered what issues are prevalent in our neighborhoods. With that, we discovered that the food security crisis in Central Virginia requires our real attention.

Timmons Group is proud to announce a collaborative commitment with Feed More, Central Virginia’s core hunger-relief organization. Throughout our five-year partnership, Timmons Group will take impactful action to initiate, transform, and sustain our hometown community’s access to food security.

Feed More reports that in our region more than 193,000 of our neighbors are unable to find stability in their food sources, and, of that, more than 47,000 children do not know when their next meal will be.

Through a transformative partnership with Feed More, it is our goal to deliver inclusive answers to the hunger crisis in our area. With community events, employee opportunities, utilization of our industry resources, and contributions more valuable than just the dollar, Timmons Group is prepared to help Feed More transform the way our neighbors in need receive their next meal.

Because each community’s needs are different, we’re taking the time to consider how best we can best benefit all of our neighbors in sustainable ways. Plus, the opportunity to tell local stories about change helps make the world a better place, and we’re proud to be a part of that.

From building awareness about the food security crisis to donating supplies to our local animal shelters, Timmons Group is motivated to help make our world a better place through community engagement.

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