Utilities and public works keep the lights on, the water running, and the roads paved. They’re essential services to a functioning society. Timmons Group’s team is a strategic partner to private and public utilities and Public Works Departments. With a comprehensive suite of data solutions and tools, we can maximize your services and help you make smarter decisions.


Lynchburg Utility Network Migration Services
Indio Water Authority-Utility Network (UN) Implementation / Cityworks AMS Re-Configuration
Anchorage Water/Wastewater Utility — Geodatabase Consolidation and Utility Network Migration Planning
Rogers Water Utility — Cityworks AMS & PLL Implementation
EPCOR UNM Migration Plan
Padmounted Transformer Inspection Survey
Dominion Energy Electric and Gas Privatization Project
Dominion Energy Joint Use Services Design Staffing
Roanoke Gas Company GIS Strategic RoadMap and Supporting Services
Philadelphia Gas Works ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Design, Build, and Managed Services
Dominion Energy/Verizon Joint Use Inventory
Dominion Energy/Verizon – GPS-Based Utility Asset Inventory